Physiotherapist hospital

We offer a service to adults with swallowing, communication or voice disorders.

We have specialists who help with:

  • Voice disorders
  • Rehabilitation after head and neck surgery, including surgical voice restoration after a total laryngectomy
  • Respiratory medicine and tracheostomy management
  • Stroke rehabilitation
  • Care of the elderly
  • Communication and swallowing problems arising from cancer treatment .

Language Therapy

Our staff care for patients on all of the acute inpatient wards. Referrals can be made by staff and we aim to see patients urgently referred to us in one working day and two working days for all other patients.

We also offer a fibreoptic endoscopc evaluation of swallowing service for inpatients at our hospital.

Our outpatient service

We have an outpatient service at both hospitals for voice patients. Head and neck cancer patients are seen at our hospital and in the community by the head and neck cancer team (CHANT). A small number of patients with acquired neurological disorders of speech and swallowing are seen as outpatients onto their local community team if they need ongoing care.

We offer videofluoroscopy clinics jointly with the radiology team to assess swallowing problems.